For the past thirty-five years, students of the Australian Science Olympiad program have been at the forefront of scientific developments, initiatives and breakthroughs. They enjoy flourishing and diverse careers across arts, sciences, politics, business, and law—proving that, when you take part in the Australian Science Olympiad Program, the sky is the limit.

Featured Alumni

  • Matthew Sorell – 1987 IPhO

    Dr Matthew Sorell was surrounded by science from a young age and became an electronics enthusiast before he was ten years old. “We moved to Adelaide in 1977 when my father started as a laboratory manager at Flinders University, previously he’d been a physics teacher and then medical physicist,” he says. “My mother was a […]
    Matthew Sorell – 1987 IPhO image
  • Madeleine Barrow – IPhO 2010

    What did you study, or are currently studying, at University? I completed a Bachelor of Science in Physics with Honours at Yale University in 2015. I’m currently completing my PhD in financial econometrics at Monash University. My thesis focuses on flash crashes in financial markets, where the price of a security rapidly changes before reverting […]
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  • Casey Handmer – 2005 IPhO

    Dr Casey Handmer grew up in NSW’s rural Central Coast, surrounded by the bush, the sea, and animals. “I remember learning about Pythagoras’ theorem and my father reading a book called The Mad Scientists’ Club,” he says. Casey has always been attracted to bold, ambitious projects and seeks the toughest intellectual challenges. For the proud […]
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