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We deliver challenging enriching science programs that aim to broaden horizons, develop capabilities and build Australia’s scientific community.

We have developed and delivered high-quality science programs for high school students, such as the Australian Science Olympiads, for over thirty-five years.

Australian Science Innovations is a registered charity.

Our History

  • 2022 International Science Olympiad Teams

    2022 saw two students win major international competitions.
  • 2021 International Science Olympiad Teams

    In 2021, we sent the first Australian team to the International Junior Science Olympiads, hosted by the United Arab Emirates.
  • 2020 International Science Olympiad Teams

    Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, many Olympiads were cancelled in 2020 and students were unable to attend or compete.
  • 2019 International Science Olympiad Teams

    2019 marked a unique year where each student placed with a medal across the International Science Olympiads.
  • 2018 International Science Olympiad Teams

    An exciting year that saw gold in both the International Earth Science Olympiad and the International Physics Olympiad.
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Our Patron

Professor Ian Chubb has had a distinguished career which started as a neuroscience researcher.

He went on to become an influential policy maker and leader in the higher education sector, and has held senior positions within leading universities, including heading up the Australian National University as Vice-Chancellor for a decade.

Our Board

  • Anna Davis, Chair

  • Michelle Tea, Deputy Chair

  • Dr Nicole Ang, Treasurer

  • Ben Kremer, Immediate Past Chair

  • Alyssa Weirman, Executive Director

  • Anita Trenwith

  • Michael Frazis

  • Fiona Wright

  • Professor Liz New

  • Louisa Graham

  • Dr Tegan Smith

  • Associate Professor Stella Clark

Our Program Staff

  • Toni Falusi

  • Dr Kelsie Dadd

  • Dr Leslie D. Almberg

  • Dr Tristan Reekie

  • Trent Wallis

  • Dr Tammy Humphrey

  • Simon Yung

  • Dr Sham Nair

  • Claire Yung

  • Greg McNamara

  • Lachlan McGinness

  • Julie Cooke

  • Julie Beckman

  • Dr Kathryn White

Our Office Staff

  • Nurul Rika, Admin and Marketing Officer

  • Alyssa Weirman, Executive Director

  • Abra Pressler, Marketing and Communications Manager

  • Geraldine Stringer, Digital Program Manager

  • Tracey Byrne, Olympiad Program Manager

  • Vanessa Kates, Business and Alumni Program Manager