Australian Science Innovations works in partnership with teachers, schools and organisations who understand the importance of investing in science education.

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Australian Science Innovations has over 35 years’ experience delivering challenging extension science programs and supporting students to pursue a career in STEM.

Our social impact includes:

  • Talent development
  • Science engagement
  • Diversity and inclusion

The benefits of partnership include:

  • instant access to a new audience of science-loving students,
  • supporting the development of Australia’s most talented science students,
  • team up with a proven organisation improving science outcomes for Australian students, and
  • your organisations demonstrates its commitment to building and diversifying Australia’s science workforce.
A partnership with us is great news for your business, your brand and contributes to your organisation’s achievement of corporate social responsibility objectives.
Australia is facing a likely significant STEM skills shortage with consequential impacts on the economy. The number of students completing secondary school with advanced STEM subjects, continues to decline.
The future of Australian science needs your help!
Help us discover and enable Australia’s most talented science students through exceptional education and mentorship programs. Support our competitions and teams to build relationships on a global level. Together we can extend our reach to include students from diverse backgrounds who have limited opportunities to pursue science.

Team up with us to improve science outcomes for young Australians and expose them to the role your business plays.

Our Partnerships

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