Team Announcement: Asian Physics Olympiad

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Australia is sending a group of talented Physics students to Mongolia to compete in the Asian Physics Olympiads, one of the toughest science competitions for high school students.

Australian Science Innovations is thrilled to announce the team representing Australia at the 2023 Asian Physics Olympiad, hosted by Mongolia, from 21 to 29 May, 2023.

The Australian delegation will travel to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, to compete with students from across the world. The Asian Physics Olympiad marks the first time students have travelled overseas since 2019.

The students chosen to represent Australia have trained for twelve months. Their journey began by sitting the Australian Science Olympiad Exams in July 2022. Their performance in the exams secured them a spot at the Australian Science Olympiad Summer School, where their talent, enthusiasm and hard work led to their selection for the final team.

“It’s an exceptional feat to be named in this team, and an exciting opportunity to travel overseas to a unique destination,” said Executive Director Alyssa Weirman. “The Asian Physics Olympiad is a fantastic opportunity for Australia and for the students it helps Australia to develop connections between the countries in our region while at the same time developing the science capability of our students

“It is very exciting to be travelling overseas to compete,” said Lachlan McGinness, who is joint Director of the Australian Science Olympiad Physics stream with Claire Yung.

“It was good to be able to compete remotely during the height of the pandemic, but there is an extra level of excitement and adventure when competing in person. It is also a great chance to meet like-minded students from other countries.”

Of the talent emerging through schools, Claire Yung said, “We were very pleased to see the strong interest and talent in physics this year, both in the selection exam and at our summer school. While these students have been selected to represent Australia, we know there is an incredible cohort of talented scientists lying in wait at schools, and programs like ours can help uncover them and provide them with an exciting opportunity to forward their skills and careers.”

Congratulations to the following students.

First Name Last Name School
Sophia Boyce Canberra Girls Grammar School
Douglas Joshi Balwyn High School
Kelvin Chan Queensland Academy for Science Mathematics and Technology
Liam Chen Scotch College Melbourne
Susan He James Ruse Agricultural High School
Heidi Gong St Peter’s Girls’ School
Alastair Murphy Trinity Grammar School, Kew
Jacinta Rees Meriden School


Registrations for the Australian Science Olympiad Exams are open now, the first stage towards representing Australia at the International Science Olympiads. ASI offers exams in Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Science, Physics, and Junior for students in Year 7-10.

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