Reach for the stars with Sarah Richards and Marrawuy Journeys

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Reach for the stars… and beyond!

Sarah Richards created a special piece of art for Australian Science Innovations, which inspires thousands of students who endeavour to reach their goals through our range of programs.

Sarah explains the inspiration and meaning behind her artwork, Reach for the Stars (and beyond) – February 2023 – 24×30″.

“Reach for the stars (and beyond)” takes inspiration from my Boundless piece which was inspired by Matshona Dhliwayo’s quote “Reach for the stars, not your fears”.

I have always challenged myself but it has only been the last couple few years or so that I have stopped being limited by fear. Trusting in myself and my abilities and being ok with uncertainty is helping me to become boundless in whatever endeavours I choose to undertake in my own journey.

I hope that the students who participate in the Australian Science Innovations’ (ASI) programs can draw strength from this piece and stretch themselves to reach their highest potential.

The key elements of this piece are the students from the four science disciplines as well as the junior science stream (green figure). The two sets of footprints represent the students’ journey of coming together with other like-minded students at the ASI programs who share the same passion for science.

Even though they compete against each other at the Australian Science Olympiads, they support each other and form lifelong relationships that continue long after their ASI journey ends.

The circles and paths that connect to the centre are inspired by the eight planets in the solar system and represent the opportunities to unleash their boundless curiosity for the science disciplines.”

About Sarah

With each piece crafted, workshop conducted, and corporate collaboration undertaken, Marrawuy Journeys invites you to be a part of a transformative voyage, exploring personal growth, reconciliation, and the richness of Aboriginal culture.

Marrawuy Journeys was born from the heart and soul of Sarah Richards, a Ngiyampaa woman whose lineage and experiences shape her unique artistic narrative. Embodying the symbolism of the red kangaroo, Marrawuy Journeys represents resilience and constant forward momentum.

Sarah’s journey manifests in the intricate details and vibrant colours of her paintings. Here, art serves as an essential vehicle for wellbeing, healing, and the rekindling of cultural connections.

You can follow Sarah on Instagram and read more about Marrawuy Journeys here.

Sarah Richards - Reach for the Stars (and beyond) - ASI

Making connections around the world

The artwork is proudly displayed at the Australian Science Innovations office. We are delighted when we see students and staff at our residential schools wearing their t-shirts with the artwork reminding them to do their best.

As our teams set off on their adventure to represent Australia on the global stage at the International Science Olympiads, they proudly wear polo shirts and badges featuring the artwork.

We also love our unique bookmarks featuring the artwork and Sarah’s story. These bookmarks are gifted to students, staff and supporters across Australia and the world.

We are honoured to collaborate with Sarah, and know the beauty of the art and the meaning behind it will be admired and recognised by people everywhere.