Michelle Tea, Deputy Chair

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Michelle Tea is a senior business executive with over 20 years of experience in the ICT industry.

Using technology to solve complex industry and business problems, Michelle and her teams have built applications and systems that have influenced the wider adoption of technology and led to positive outcomes for her customers. Her projects have ranged from building systems that calculate carbon tax to the evolution of digital technology in NSW Education, as well as consolidated ERP systems that manage large scale ‘just in time support’ for critical mining equipment across Australia and Asia.

Michelle is currently consulting to various organisations, including startups and organisations working within the circular economy. Her experience in building large teams and driving growth is helping organisations bring their products and services to market effectively and attracting customers at scale. Michelle spent ten years at Microsoft in various roles and most recently as the Australian Services Director, leading a team of 240 computer scientists, business analysts and developers. Her team was responsible for delivering multi-year projects for large enterprises in Australia and New Zealand. During that time, Michelle introduced a Digital Transformation practice, which has subsequently been adopted by the global organisation. Michelle has a keen interest in encouraging our youth to study science and especially young girls to pursue science and maths as part of their chosen subjects.