Fiona Wright

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Fiona Wright is a dynamic senior executive, taking on challenging roles across private and government sectors over her career.

Commencing in the energy sector over 25 years ago as a freshly minted electrical engineer she has worked in applying science and engineering to societal needs. Fiona has led utilities and government through transformational change, playing a variety of technical, strategic, policy and leadership roles in navigating, orchestrating and creating our new systems and policies – in this era of unprecedented change driven by climate action, the changing energy mix, technology and our behaviours.

Fiona is currently leading the Climate Change and Energy Division of the ACT Government. In this role, she looks after a range of policies and programs to ensure the ACT meets its emission reduction goals while improving the environment and helping all citizens make the transition to a net zero emissions future. Prior to this, Fiona worked as a senior executive in the Federal Government supporting the sustainable management and productive use of Australia’s water resources, and for more than 25 years worked in energy utilities, managing electricity and gas distribution, and large infrastructure projects.

As a first hand participant and observer of the minority status of women in engineering, women in stem, and the lack of any reasonable improvement in these statistics over the last 25 years, Fiona has a passion and interest in encouraging girls and young women to pursue engineering careers through study of science and maths at the high school and university level.