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Thomas Waring || Asian Physics Olympiad

Studying science at school is taking Year 12 student Thomas Waring to Hong Kong next week for the Asian Physics Olympiad.

Hailing from Christ Church Grammar School, Tom will be competing as part of the Australian team, selected from thousands of students around Australia through the Australian Science Olympiad Exams last year.

“The process of preparing for and sitting the Australian Science Olympiad Exams will stand you in very good stead for future study in physics, or for that matter, any science. The problem solving aspects that are involved can help you greatly. It’s led to some amazing opportunities!”

Aside from physics, Tom likes maths and philosophy (he’s a fan of Betrand Russell), and intends to study these subjects at university. He is a keen long-distance runner and has completed four half marathons. Tom also plays hockey, and the bassoon in his school’s orchestra. He’s looking forwards to the cultural experience of travelling to Hong Kong, and the prospect of meeting “like-minded people from far-off places. It will certainly broaden my horizons.”