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“The Science Olympiads changed me” – A message from Brittany Walker

My name is Brittany Walker and I live in Ulladulla, a small coastal town three hours south of Sydney.

Ulladulla is a great place to grow up, but there are some real challenges to pursuing an interest in science when you live outside a major city. There are no extra-curricular clubs, science programs or workshops like the ones city kids can go to.

So when I was invited to attend Curious Minds my world was turned upside down (in a good way). The program encouraged me to develop a deeper interest in science.  I also had a mentor, who was a former Science Olympian, and she really helped and encouraged me.

Curious Minds opened up a lot of fields in my head that I could be doing other than just the generic smart person jobs and careers, like medicine or law.

It also increased my confidence in my science abilities so much that I went on to earn a place at the Australian Science Olympiads Earth and Environmental summer school.

I loved the Science Olympiad summer school. It opened my eyes to what university’s actually like except probably a little on steroids. It was full-on but really rewarding.

“Curious Minds and the Australian Science Olympiads has changed me.  I’m now interested in pursuing a degree in environmental science – something I would never have thought I could do a few years ago.”

You can help open up a world of opportunities to country kids like me by giving to the Australian Science Olympiad summer school scholarship appeal.  Our aim for 2017 is to fund one scholarship valued at $2000.

A small contribution can make a big difference, and it’s all tax deductible.

I encourage you to give today.