Our experience working with thousands of Australian and international schools for over three decades has been valuable. We are dedicated to delivering challenging, credible and effective programs and pathways that encourage and nurture excellence in STEM subjects. But don’t just take our word for it, read what others are saying below.

Big Science Competition

What teachers are saying

“A humongous ‘thank you’ to the support from the team administering the competition. Had trouble registering etc. But they were always so prompt in attention and response – Outstanding!”

“It was very well run and the instructions were clear to follow. It was also good being able to email and call someone for questions.”

“Great competition. Every student said they enjoyed the online nature of the test.”

“I love it. When I get the results back, the students enjoy going back over the questions that most found challenging. I was surprised at how much my students enjoyed the competition. It also surprised me that one of my best performing students isn’t necessarily the best performer in classes, so it gave her a chance to shine.”

“Our school thinks the competition is very worthwhile. It offers a challenge to the students which they like.”

“Invaluable experience which many students enjoy!”

Australian Science Olympiad Exams

What teachers are saying

“Excellent program – really challenging and inspirational for students.”

“Excellent program and our students get a lot out of it.”

“This is a fantastic opportunity for our students to be involved in.”

“Thank you for the opportunity for big fish in small ponds to take a look at the bigger pond.”

Australian Olympiads Summer School

What students think of the Summer School at the Australian National University

“I enjoyed meeting fellow physicists who are working on interesting projects.”

“The program was fast-paced and had interesting content.”

“The facility for Earth science was great – everything was within walking distance.”

“It was a rewarding experience learning beyond high school science with new friends, at a very nice university.”

“The academic program and meeting all the awesome tutors and people made it an unforgettable experience!”

“I met so many new friends and learned about so many different things that I previously didn’t know of and weren’t covered in high school syllabus”

“It wasn’t just school; it was summer school, where you can learn so much more.”

“Learning interesting physics and meeting new friends are two things that I particularly enjoyed during summer school.”

“Summer school has given me the opportunity to work with other top and talented science students in Australia on challenging work I would not have the opportunity to do otherwise.”

“It inspired me to explore my interests in science with like-minded people and learning from helpful and supportive teachers and tutors.”

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