Science Olympiad Exams. What’s new in 2020?

The Australian Science Olympiad Exams will go ahead in 2020.  To do this, some changes have had to be made. So what’s new?

✔️ FREE! Junior Science Olympiad Exam

We are delighted to introduce the Junior Science Olympiad Exam for talented science students in years 7 to 10. This exam will introduce younger students to the challenge and rewards of the Australian Science Olympiads, and identify and encourage science talent at an earlier age. Entry is free.

Learn more about the Junior Science Olympiad exam.

✔️ Exams will go online

The Australian Science Olympiad Exams will be online in 2020. Students can expect the same high quality questions that are both challenging and rewarding. Going online also means certificates will be available sooner.

✔️ New registration process

We have developed a new process where students register directly with us. If you choose, students can pay us directly too – no more chasing names or payment. Get in touch for more details.

✔️ Key Dates & Fees

Exams cost $15 plus GST.  Junior Science Olympiad Exam is FREE!

For exam dates and registration deadlines, see Key Dates