Scholarships for girls

The Harding Miller Foundation Scholarship Program National program provides practical support to lift the educational outcomes and career aspirations of high potential girls who are facing disadvantage. Since 2016 through to 2020 there have been 478 scholarships awarded across every state and territory of Australia and in over 320 public high schools. The aim is to enable these girls to not only complete high school but to build direct pathways to tertiary education and fulfilling careers.

The scholarship is for four years and runs from year 9 through to year 12 and is valued at $20,000. It includes a new laptop as well as four years of high speed internet, IT support, 24 hour online homework assistance $2500 worth of face to face or online tutoring on subjects and with tutors of their choosing, prepaid expense cards for school essentials such as uniforms, textbooks and excursions as well as a personal coach to guide the girls across the four years until they complete high school. The scholarship also offers an enrichment program with companies and tertiary educators such as Google, 3M, NAB, University of Sydney, University of NSW as well as the University of New England.

Do you know female students currently in year 8 who are bright, determine and perhaps needs some financial assistance?

For more information visit or email asking to be put on our mailing list for when the annual applications open each year.