Meet the students attending the inaugural Junior Science Olympiads Spring School

Meet some of the students taking part in the inaugural Junior Science Olympiad Spring School!

We spoke to a few students attending the Spring School about why they decided to take the Junior Science Olympiad Exam, why they love science and what they hope to get out of the Junior Science Olympiad Program!

David Wang








The Big Science Competition was the catalyst to me considering sitting the Junior Science Olympiad. I did well in the Big Science Competition so I thought I should try the Olympiads as they were a more challenging. I also love science so to me doing a science exam is way better than attending Maths or English classes.

My favourite subjects are biology and astronomy and my role model is Albert Einstein and I really admire his life and career. After I finish school, I’m considering a career in medicine and/or as a conservational biologist.

I’m most excited about making new friends and learning new things at the Spring School – it’ll be more intense and science-focused than what I’m experiencing at school which will be great fun. I’d love to represent Australia at the International Junior Science Olympiads, so I’m going to do my best!

Elizabeth Barker

My science teacher recommended the Junior Science Olympiad to me; I love getting involved in anything STEM related. The exam was only two hours, so I just thought I’d give it a go – and now I’m going to the Spring School!

I love playing the piano, flying model airplanes and quadcopters and getting in a game of DnD with my family and friends. I also participate in the Canberra Maths Enrichment Program which is a program that challenges mathematical thinking as well as the Tournament of Minds Social Sciences division.

Before the Junior Science Olympiad, my favourite discipline of science was physics because it links so well with maths and that’s always been a fun area for me, but I’ve discovered I also really enjoy Chemistry. It’s so cool to be able to break down things you know or see and find out what makes them happen – and so satisfying when you make all the theory line up with reality!

While high school graduation is a long way off, I’m keen to go to University and plan on taking a few courses to figure out what I like. For now, I’m excited to be challenged by the Junior Science Olympiad Spring School and meet new people.

Lauren Singh

Until I took part in Curious Minds, I didn’t know about the Australian Science Olympiads or that I would be eligible for the Junior Science Olympiad Exams. I was a part of the Curious Minds program in 2020-21.

My STEM coach was named Brittany, and I absolutely loved the mentorship program. Brittany showed me how diverse STEM can be and encouraged me to keep an open mind and explore the world of STEM. When it came time to register for the Science Olympiad Exams, I signed up for all of them. I didn’t expect to do very well, but I thought, ‘What’s the harm in trying?’

I play and coach tennis, play piano and I’m also on the school debating team.

My favourite thing about STEM is that ‘lightbulb moment’ where you finally understand something you’ve been working on for a while. I’m really looking forward to the Junior Science Olympiad Spring School as I’m sure there will be many lightbulb moments!

Witter Onggara

I’ve always enjoyed learning about scientific discoveries – how they happened and their impact on the world – so when I was provided an opportunity to sit the Junior Science Olympiad Exam, I was excited to gauge my strengths and weaknesses in science. One of my mentors is Ms Linossier, the head of Extension Studies at Scotch College. She and my parents have provided a lot of moral support and advice on how I can manage my school load and still pursue my passions and extracurricular as I also love debating and playing chess.

I recently discovered my favourite discipline of science is chemistry due to its many applications to real-world situations as well as the surprising number of ways to take a few observations about a reaction or substance and calculate values related to other substances, reactants or products.

I’m really looking forward to meeting new friends and learning from the tutors at the Junior Science School and possibly representing my school and country at the International Science Olympiads!