Celebrating 35 Years: the Australian Science Olympiads experience

2021 marks 35 years of Australia’s participation at the International Science Olympiads. Over 500 students have represented Australia internationally and thousands have taken part in the Australian Science Olympiads program.

For many students, the Australian Science Olympiads cemented their love of science, with 95% going on to careers in Australia’s STEM community.

Many recall the Olympiads with fondness, and maintain connections to their teammates and those they met overseas—we have over 900 alumni in our database and over the course of the next 35 days, you’ll meet several of them.

During our 35th anniversary, we celebrate the achievements of all our alumni and hope to inspire more students to strive for excellence and take the Australian Science Olympiads Exams.

The International Science Olympiads are truly a life-changing experience. Here’s a small sample of what those featured in our celebrations had to say about the experience:

‘I just thought… these are my people’ — Kathryn Zealand, 2007 International Physics Olympiad.

‘My Biology Olympiad experience enabled me to skip first-year biology subjects, which allowed me to accelerate my studies and complete three majors. I made some really good friends from around the world and the after party was brilliant!” ’—Ruby Kwong 2008 International Biology Olympiad.

“The Olympiads were always more than just a competition to me – they let me into a community of people around the world who were passionate about the same things. It also showed me that there are many career paths in science, and the important thing is to choose one that is rewarding and interesting to you.” —Matthew Verdon, International Chemistry Olympiad, 2000.

Here are two ways you can take part:

  1. Register for the Australian Science Olympiad. Registrations are currently closed.
  2. Donate to our 35 Year anniversary appeal
    As we prepare to welcome the 2022 students, we acknowledge the difficult position some families across the country are in. During our 35th anniversary celebrations, we’re asking for donations of $35 to support students participating in our summer school and training camps.

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