Big Science Competition now 50 mins long

The time for students to complete the Big Science Competition will decrease from 60 to 50 minutes in 2015 so it’s more convenient to run in one class session.

The change was made based on teacher feedback provided by an online survey. 196 teachers who had students take part in the Big Science Competition completed the survey in September.

86% of teachers believed that decreasing the time taken to do the competition would make it easier to fit into a normal class time, make finding competition supervisors easier, and ensure the overall administration of the competition is as efficient as possible.

Other survey findings include:

  • All but one of the surveyed teachers agreed that the competition questions were of a high quality.
  • 87% of teachers surveyed felt the reports on student performance were useful to help guide teaching and learning.
  • Surveyed teachers believed certificates could have arrived earlier. We will work hard to make sure schools receive their certificates in time for National Science Week celebrations next year.
  • Teachers in schools doing the online competition would like to be provided with a copy of the questions. Next year, we will send competition papers to teachers who register students in the online competition.
  • 100% of surveyed teachers believed the registration process was easy.
  • 90% of surveyed teachers said they will do the Big Science Competition again in 2015.