Online comp a winner with teachers

20 000 students sat the online version of the Big Science Competition between 18 and 25 May 2016.

110 teachers provided feedback via an online survey. Here is a summary of their feedback.

Students enjoyed competing online

  • 89% of teachers agreed that their students enjoyed competing online

Teachers said:

The highlight for the students was the immediate feedback and comparisons. It was great to see students reflect on questions and even still refer to them in scientific discussions.

I loved it, the kids were keen and also loved it!

Was great carrot for my elite students and not too difficult which will help build their confidence. Students really engage with the online format. It was so easy to run, especially this year. Thank you so much!

Teachers and students enjoyed the quick turnaround of results and feedback on performance via a diagnostic report

  • 89% of teachers believed receiving the online results in seven day to be important
  • 86% of teachers accessed the school report

Teachers said:

A great diagnostic tool that addresses science outcomes. We can use this data to plan for the coming semester to address areas for improvement.

It’s so valuable to get this information so soon after the test rather than wait for 3 months or more. Having the results earlier also makes the test more relevant to students.

Feedback of results per question, per strand and per subject was great to compare student’s results and the content of what we had taught in school.

Administering the competition was easy

  • 99% teachers agreed the administering of the competition was easy
  • 89% of teachers agreed that the online competition was easier to administer than the pen & paper competition

Teachers said:

All proceeded as planned. Good communication with setting up the computers via email.

Support and guidance was immediate and helpful.

Our students found the exam easy to access online and having the results and the report back so soon was fantastic. Also, being able to sit the exam when it suited us was terrific as it provided flexibility with other activities running that week. We will definitely consider using the online format again next year

In most cases schools IT systems coped well

  • 94% of teachers agreed that their school’s IT system coped with the online competition
  • 88% of teachers agreed that they experienced little or no technical hitches during the competition

Teachers said:

Very smooth process – great communication via phone for problem solving IT issues

It was easy to register, and the organiser was lovely in terms of accommodating our late registration, however we didn’t receive an email which caused a bit of a panic on the day as we couldn’t log in. All was well in the end