A New Olympiad: The Junior Science Olympiad

As of this year, ASI are adding a new Olympiad to our stable. While the International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO) is similar in format to the senior Olympiads, it covers all of the science in a single competition and is aimed at students who are fifteen or younger.

The Australian Junior Science Olympiad (JSO) will involve an annual selection exam and training camp, like the senior Olympiads, followed by selection of the final team of six students to compete at the International Junior Science Olympiad in December. The selection exam is based on Australian Curriculum Science content up to Year 10.

It is part of the remit of the JSO that we encourage and support students in rural and regional areas to prepare for and benefit from the Olympiads. Younger students from these areas who are not selected for the training camp but have performed well in the annual selection exam are invited to be part of the JSO Training Squad. As part of the squad, these students receive free access to self-paced online learning resources (courtesy of Stile), and one-on-one support and tutoring from the JSO staff to assist them to prepare for the selection exam in the following year.

The program director of the Junior Science Olympiad is Dr Kathryn White, who will run it with the support of Dr Tammy Humphrey and Dr Sam Moyle.

Registrations are now open for the 2021 Junior Science Olympiad and close 21 July 2021. Get more information about the Junior Science Olympiad.