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Everyone taking part has the chance to win great prizes with hundreds of iTunes and movie vouchers up for grabs. See terms and conditions. 


Big Science Competition Pen & Paper


What is the Big Science Competition?

The Big Science Competition is a 50 minute competition of 30 multiple-choice questions held at your school.

Both online and pen & paper formats are available. 

The competition challenges students to think critically and solve scientific problems using everyday examples.  The questions are aligned to the Australian Curriculum – Science.

When is the Big Science Competition?

In 2015, the Big Science Competition can take place in your school on any day between 20 and 27 May inclusive.

Students sitting a competition level must all do so on the same day.  However, different competition levels may be sat on different days during the competition period.

Who can take part?

The Big Science Competition is an international competition for secondary students. 

There are three competition levels based on the Australian school years:

Competition level

Australian school year

Approximate  age range


7 and 8

12 to 14 years


9 and 10

14 to 16 years


11 and 12

16 to 18 years


Technology requirements

Please check that your school meets the technology requirements to participate in the online version. 

Benefits for students

Win prizes. Everyone who takes part in the Big Science Competition, regardless of their performance, goes in a draw to win iTune and movie vouchers. See terms and conditions.

Gain recognition. All students receive a certificate that recognises their achievement and a report detailing their performance. The results show students how they are performing against others in the competition. 

Create Opportunities. Top performers may be invited to take part in the Australian Science Olympiad Competition or the Asian Science Camp.

Develop Skills.  The competition tests problem solving and critical thinking skills which are really valuable for all school subjects, particularly senior science.

Benefits for teachers

Easy.  It’s an easy to administer extension activity for students wanting an extra challenge.

Celebrate. Students receive certificates reflecting their performance providing you with an opportunity to celebrate outstanding science results in your school.

Flexibile. Online and pen and paper formats are available and competition dates are flexible. You choose what’s best for your school.

Inform. Teachers receive a diagnostic report detailing students' performance against strands and sub-strands of the Australian Curriculum – Science in terms of cohort, school, state/territory and national groupings.  This report provides an opportunity for formative assessment of students that can contribute to their overall assessment.


Online: $7.00 excluding GST per student. No minimum registration required. 

Pen & paper: $7.50 excluding GST per student.  There is a minimum fee of $75 for 10 students. There are additional shipping costs for international schools.

All prices are quoted in Australian dollars.


Registration closing date extended.  Registrations in the pen & paper version close 29 April 2015.  Registrations in the online version close 13 May 2015. 

Only schools can register students in the Big Science Competition. Home schooled students are welcome to take part and can register by contacting or 02 6125 6228.

What are students tested on?

Test items in the Big Science Competition are aligned with the Australian Curriculum - Science.

1.    Science inquiry skills: including identifying and formulating questions and hypotheses for testing; making predictions, collecting, analysing and evaluating data and drawing valid conclusions; interpreting and communicating information through appropriate representations and media.

2.    Science as a human endeavour: including the development of science knowledge and processes across cultures and over time; its application in areas of human endeavour; its significance in informing personal and societal decisions and actions; and the influence society has on science.

3.    Science understanding: core concepts relating to Biological, Chemical, Earth and Space Sciences, and Physical Sciences that are designated at each stage.

The Senior paper is aligned with the Year 10 Science Understanding strand and sub-strands but with increased emphasis on the Science Inquiry Skills and Science as a Human Endeavour strands.

How to participate

Schools must register the number of students via the school sign in area on this website.  If you do not know, or can’t access your school ID or password, please email and we will send it to you.

Parents cannot register their children. Please speak with your school to register students wanting to take part.

Contact ASI
Ph (02) 6125 6228 | E | F |
M Australian Science Innovations, Box 7251, Canberra Mail Centre ACT 2610