Teaching Gifted & Talented Students

DOWNLOAD: Developing programs in science for gifted and talented students [PDF]

This document provides:

  • an overview of models developed to guide teaching and learning for gifted and talented students,
  • a brief outline of extension opportunities for students,
  • and useful links for further information.

It forms part of a suite of professional development material developed by the Australian Science Teachers Association (ASTA) in partnership with Education Services Australia (ESA), and held on ScienceWeb Australia

Extension worksheets

We have also worked with ASTA to prepare 18 extension worksheets that accompany each of the six units for years 7 to 10 on ScienceWeb Australia.

State associations for the education of gifted and talented children

The following organisations offer information and support for students, parents and teachers.

ACT: http://actgifted.com.au/
SA: http://gtcasa.asn.au/ 
NSW: https://giftednsw.org.au/ 
TAS: http://www.tasgifted.com/ 
VIC: http://www.vagtc.org.au/
QLD: http://www.qagtc.org.au/
WA: http://www.gatcawa.org/