Technology Profile


Each student will need access to a Laptop, Desktop PC, Chromebook, iPad / iPad Mini, Android tablet and a mouse and keyboard during the competition.


An external keyboard or mouse is not necessary for students using a tablet.

Compatibility exists with most tablet devices, but some of them have not been verified as fully supported, so we recommend using a laptop, desktop PC or Chromebook

Operating System

Mac OS X

MS Windows 8, 10 and 11

Chrome OS 89+

Web Browsers

Google Chrome (updated to any 2020+ version)

Firefox  (updated to any 2020+ version)

Edge (updated to any 2020+ version)

Safari  (updated to any 2020+ version)

Internet Explorer 11+ (not guaranteed, very much discouraged)


Make sure to have 20 to 50 MB bandwidth available, more if there will be over 100 participants.


JavaScript must be enabled in the browser

Cookies must be enabled

Confirm that any web filter accepts content (including images and JavaScript files) from

In-School Support

Schools will be able to test their set-up with the practice questions here:

Schools need to have appropriate personnel to manage hardware and password problems during the contest.

Teachers will be able to access students login details via the Teachers Dashboard and can print and distribute the login credentials to students before the competition.

Access to the Teachers Dashboard will be emailed to teachers prior to the competition start date.