Why and who can do the Big Science Competition?

There are plenty of opportunities for those who perform well, like invitations to mentoring programs for girls.

The Big Science Competition is not just another science competition, it’s different from other science competitions.

  • The 2022 Big Science Competition will be held online.
  • You choose the day to do the competition. Any time between Monday 2 to Friday 13 May 2022.
  • The Big Science Competition fee is $7 plus GST.
  • You receive students’ scores in 10 days* and all students receive certificates detailing their performance a little later.
  • No minimum registrations.
  • The competition takes 50 minutes and is multiple choice questions linked to Australian Curriculum.

*provisional scores are emailed to teachers 10 business days after the competition close date. Available for online only.

Need five reasons to do the Big Science Competition? Find out what other teachers say about the Big Science Competition.

Who can take part?

The Big Science Competition is open to students of all abilities from Australian and international schools including students who are home schooled.

There are four competition levels based on Australian school years:

Competition Level Australian School Year Level New Zealand School Year Level Singapore School Year Level Approximate age range
Year 7 paper Year 7 Year 8 Sec 1 12-13 years
Year 8 paper Year 8 Year 9 Sec 2 13-14 years
Year 9 paper Year 9 Year 10 Sec 3 14-15 years
Year 10 paper Year 10 Year 11 Sec 4 15-16 years

Students must sit the Big Science Competition between the competition dates.

Schools may organise a time for the students to complete the Big Science Competition as a cohort. Students may register for the Big Science Competition without their school taking part and may sit the competition at home.

Participate in the Big Science Competition:

Program dates: Monday 2 May to Friday 13 May 2022
Price: $7 plus GST

Registration for the Big Science Competition will open in early 2022. 

If you have a question regarding registration, please contact the ASI office by emailing asi@asi.edu.au or call 02 6125 6228.

Are you a keen student and science is your thing?

Watch out the video below and see why you shouldn’t miss this competition.

Students self-register for the Big Science Competition via our registration portal. If their school is not participating in the Big Science Competition, the student can register and sit the Big Science Competition without their school’s involvement.