Cost and how to get involved

Participate in the Big Science Competition:

Program dates: Monday 2 May to Friday 13 May 2022
Price: $7 plus GST
Registrations close: 5pm AEST 27 April 2022. 
Registrations for the 2022 Big Science Competition are accepted via schools.

If you’re a science teacher, email Nurul on to receive the registration link. Alternatively, fill out this spreadsheet BSC 2022 Student Registration Bulk Upload and contact us for a secure share file link to share the file before the closing date. 

If you’re a student, talk to your science teacher about getting involved. If you’d like more information, please contact the ASI office by emailing or call 02 6125 6228.

Why do we encourage registrations through schools?

Over 700 schools take part in the Big Science Competition each year, so it’s very likely that a school may have plans to sit the competition, and they may have already registered their students! Checking in with a school first helps us avoid duplicate registrations and students sitting the exam twice.

The Big Science Competition is open to international schools and students, and home-schooled students. 

It is the expectation that students will sit the competition as a cohort at school, under exam conditions to maintain the competition integrity.

What if my school isn’t taking part?

Once we determine that a school will not take part in the Big Science Competition, students can register at their own cost and sit the Big Science Competition without their school’s involvement.

Please contact us for further information: