Why take part in the Australian Science Olympiads?

For students

  • Challenge yourself way beyond school science
  • Enjoy local, national and international recognition of your academic achievements
  • Meet new friends who share your passion
  • Go exploring and travel the world

    “It opened my eyes to the opportunities in science and pushed me to my limits, helping me reach my full potential.” – Student

For teachers

  • It’s easy, just register students online, or students can register and pay directly with us.
  • Academic support is provided to students at every stage.
  • Students gain hands-on experience, developing their practical skills.
  • Opportunities to celebrate science are created in your school with certificates, medals, VIP ceremonies, media attention and more.
  • Develop role models. Olympiad students experience great personal growth and sense of self achievement.  This, in turn, is shared with the school community.

    “This is one of the best programs for gifted students. The main benefit is that students can follow their passion and I have seen them come alive.  Another benefit is that they bring their skills back to school and use them to inspire others in science” – Science Teacher