Junior Science Olympiad Exam

What is the Junior Science Olympiad Exam?

The Junior Science Olympiad Exam is designed to take science students in years 7 to 10 to the next level.

The exam is based on general science content (biology, chemistry and physics) and assumes students have a good knowledge of the Australian Curriculum – Science up to a Year 10 level. Some questions in the exam may also involve higher-level content (such as might be encountered by an extended Year 10 student).  A range of analysis questions will also be included for which any necessary extra information is provided.

The exam is held online, is two hours long, and questions are multiple choice and similar in style to competitions such as the Big Science Competition and RACI National Chemistry Quiz.

Students wishing to prepare for the exam should:

  • use past Big Science Competition and National Chemistry Quiz papers to practise content, analysis and question-answering strategies. Students are recommended to practise on higher-level papers to get used to tackling harder questions.
  • make sure they are confident with as much of the Year 7-10 science content as possible.

Students will receive a certificate indicating their grade based on their exam performance.  Students that perform exceptionally well, and are eligible, may receive invitations to future science extension programs and activities hosted by Australian Science Innovations.


The Junior Science Olympiad Exam is free.

How to participate

Students can register from 13 July to 14 August 2020. Talk to your teacher for more details or get in touch.


Students must be in years 7 to 10.