How to participate in the Australian Science Olympiads

The first step in the Australian Science Olympiads is to sit one or more of the Australian Science Olympiad Exams.

Students can sit exams in on or more of the following exams:

*Junior Science Olympiad Exam is open to students in years 7 to 10.


The exams last two hours and are carried out online under strict examination conditions at your school. Prepare for the exams by practising on Olympiads Online and trying out past papers.


Each exam is held on a different day.  Learn more here.


Each exam costs $15 plus GST.  Students are welcome to sit more than one exam.

In 2020, the Junior Science Olympiad Exam is FREE!

How to participate

Students can register from 13 July to 14 August 2020. Talk to your teacher for more details or get in touch.