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How to participate in the Australian Science Olympiads

The first step in the Australian Science Olympiads is to sit one or more of the four challenging Australian Science Olympiad Exams.

Students can sit exams in Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Science and Physics. Are these exams for you? View past exams here.

The cost is $10 (plus GST) per student per exam.  Students are welcome to sit more than one exam. Find out the exam dates. Registration in the Earth and Environmental Science Olympiad Exam is free.

How to register for the Australian Science Olympiad Exams

Schools must register the number of students via the school sign in area on this website.  If you do not know, or can’t access your school ID or password, please contact us at asi@asi.edu.au or on 02 6125 6228.

Home schooled students are encouraged to participate and can make arrangements to register directly with us.

Parents cannot register their children. Please speak with your school to register your child.