What is the Asian Science Camp?

The Asian Science Camp brings together around 200 talented young people in celebration of science and friendship.

The camp aims to promote international cooperation and networks among high-achieving young science students of the next generation in Asia and Oceania.

During the six-day camp, Nobel Laureates and world class researchers will share their science experience through plenary sessions, round table discussions and student master classes, which will encourage deeper thinking about science and scientific knowledge among delegates.

Striking a fair balance between work and play, the camp also offers a taste of an Asian culture with visits to iconic sites and insights into local culture.

Please contact us on 02 6125 6228 or email asi@asi.edu.au for further information.

What others have said…

“It is a once in a lifetime opportunity! You have the chance to meet people that are likely to be your fellow scientists throughout your career, hear from the people currently developing new technologies and increasing our understanding of the world, as well as experience another culture! Why would you not take advantage of this opportunity to see the world and improve your scientific knowledge?”

“I always knew that I wanted to have a career in science, and especially medical research – but I always questioned whether it was worth it, since it seemed like most of what there was to find had already been discovered. The Asian Science Camp showed me that I couldn’t have been more wrong. Even Nobel Laureates and Fields Medallists have questions that keep them up at night. So now, I’m more eager than ever to get into a laboratory and start doing some real work – to start finding answers and contributing to the world!”

“The Asian Science Camp¬†reinforced my interest in science but overall it probably made any future decisions harder. Whenever I have the opportunity to properly discover a science topic (be it through school, reading a article or listening to a speaker), I also become enraptured and eager to learn more. Thus, with so many interesting topics being discussed at ASC, I am now considering more options and spending even more time reading about obscure science topics.”

Take a look at the 2017 Asian Science Camp below.