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Apply for the Asian Science Camp

Applications to the Asian Science Camp are closed.

You must read the eligibility requirements before applying.

Although there are many outstanding students out there who meet the general eligibility criteria for the Asian Science Camp, there are just five (5) spots available.

Students must demonstrate their competitive edge by addressing the selection criteria below:

1. What is your background and area of interest in science – have you been actively involved in any science activities?

2. Tell us what makes you a great candidate for the Asian Science Camp, your goals and aspirations and how this opportunity will help you reach your potential?

3. Give examples of how you plan to share your Asian Science Camp experience before, during and after the camp with your friends, family and community.

Here’s the part where you can stand out from the competition:

1. Be different

Get your creative juices flowing. Complete your answers in the form of a story, poem, Prezi presentation, blog or video – surprise us! You must be able to upload it and please ensure it does not exceed three minutes. 

2. Online feedback from your teacher

Get support from your teacher (or former teacher) to endorse your interest and talent in science. We will send them a link to the online form when you apply and they will have three days to complete this form. Remember, teachers are busy so do not leave your application until the last minute. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

3. Character reference letter

Ask someone who knows you outside of school to write a reference letter – your coach, supervisor, someone you volunteer with or know from a community group you are involved in. This step is compulsory, the maximum word count is 350 and the referral MUST address the following:

• Social interactions: how does the applicant get along with others including peers, customers, team mates, etc.
• Maturity: how does the applicant fare in new or challenging situations?
• Initiative/leadership: how does the applicant work in a team environment? Is he/she proactive when working independently?
• Any other relevant comments about the applicant’s character.

Referees may be contacted for further information.

4. Apply online

When applications are open, you will need to have the following ready to upload:

– your completed presentation
– your most recent school report
– details of your supporting teachers name, phone number and email address (this MUST be a school or state education department domain)
– your personal reference letter (Maximum 350 words)

Get your applications started! Admission is competitive and lots of people apply. When you apply an email will be sent directly to your supporting teacher but please give them the heads up to look out for it.

Judging Criteria

Applications will be assessed against the following criteria which have equal weighting:

• Originality, clarity and effectiveness of communication method chosen and adherence to word limit.
• Persuasiveness of how the applicant will benefit from attending the Asian Science Camp.
• Effectiveness of ways to engage in the applicant’s community and share their experience with others upon return.
• Quality of evidence provided in your teacher’s recommendation and supporter’s reference letter.