Asian Science Camp Frequently Asked Questions

When will I know if my application has been successful?

Successful applicants will be notified via phone.

Unsuccessful applicants will be notified in writing.

Can I defer my invitation and apply next year?

In most cases yes, you can defer your invitation to apply. You will need to email outlining your reasons. If you are offered a place on the delegation, you are unable to defer attendance.

Do I need a passport to apply?

You do not need to have an Australian passport to apply. However, if your application is successful you will need an Australian passport to attend the Asian Science Camp.

When will we travel/what flights will be take?

The itinerary will be based on where the majority of students live. You need to be available for travel two days either side of camp.

Why can’t you give me an exact price for my international flights?

Airfares fluctuate frequently. The price of flights is only confirmed once traveller’s names are confirmed and booked in. It may be some time between the quote phase and booking phase. In the event of a major and unexpected price rise we will notify you before confirming your booking.

I found a cheaper fare, can I book my own international flights?

Airline bookings are coordinated to suit the entire delegation to the Asian Science Camp and the organiser’s requirements. Therefore delegates are NOT allowed to book their own international travel. This will also help to ensure that any unexpected delays/changes come through our travel agent and the Australian delegation travels together as a group.

When do I book my domestic flights?

You will be provided with details on what domestic flights you need to book. This will generally be done within four weeks of being offered a place on the delegation.

When do I have to pay?

Payment for international flights is required within 7 days of being offered a place on the delegation. A tax invoice will be issued for payment to Australian Science Innovations.

For domestic flights, once you have been notified of suitable flights, you will need to book and pay for these. An itinerary must be provided to the program manager within 7 days to ensure your domestic flight is covered by our travel insurance and for other logistics coordination.

Can I meet other delegates before we depart?

Generally we do not organise meetings before camp but we do encourage you to contact other delegates before you head off to the camp. Once all the students have registered we will introduce you via email. Some have set up chat forums, private Facebook groups, or chat via email. At times students from the same area have met up before camp.

What is the accommodation like?

Accommodation varies from year to year, ranging from student rooms to hotels, depending on the host country. You might have your own room or you might share with another person, of the same gender, and usually from Australia.

My “relative/friend…” lives there, can I meet up? Will we have free time?

No. You are required to act in accordance with the entire program of events, and directions of your delegation leaders. ‘Free time’ might mean you have downtime in your room or in a common area. It is compulsory for delegates to remain in the venue throughout the entire duration of the camp, unless instructed otherwise by the delegation leaders.

Will I have access to WiFi?

Some accommodation venues offer free WiFi. In most cases, you will not have access to WiFi in the conference areas. However, computers will be at your disposal to conduct research for your poster presentation.

What is the dress code?

The dress code at the Asian Science Camp is very casual. Asia is world-renowned for its strong cultural values and practices. Please be aware that many Asian nations are more conservative than Australia so you should be mindful and respectful in your choice of outfit. In some places, like a holy site, you would be expected to have shoulders and legs (to the knee) covered up. You should also pack a pair of covered shoes in case a lab visit is planned.

What constitutes a ‘good’ outfit for the final party?

Some nations wear traditional dress while some wear formal attire. For this occasion, we would suggest smart casual.

What do I need to do for the poster presentation?

You will be given all the information you require upon arrival at the camp. Pre-planning is not necessary. You will be divided into groups of mixed nations. This is your opportunity to collaborate so show initiative and participate with enthusiasm.

What do I get for participating in the Asian Science Camp?

Apart from an amazing experience, you will be presented with an official certificate of attendance and possibly a camp T-shirt.

Do I need to bring an iPad, tablet or laptop?

Though this is not a requirement, you are welcome to bring yours along if you prefer to take notes on a device. Please note that nobody else is responsible for looking after the safety of your device but yourself. If you choose to bring a device don’t forget your charger and international adaptor.

Will I need spending money?

Generally you do not need spending money at the camp. However, in the past, delegates have had the opportunity to buy souvenirs on the one-day excursion.