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Australian Science Olympiad Summer School

Dates: January 2024

Applications by invitation only.

The Australian Science Olympiads Summer School has been a staple of the Australian Science Olympiads experience for over thirty years.

Each year, we invite twenty-four of the top performing students in each Australian Science Olympiad Exam (Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Science, and Physics) to the Australian National University for two-weeks of accelerated hands-on learning.

Students will be exposed to science like never before and will be challenged to learn, adapt and extend themselves in hands-on practicals, challenging theory examinations and in-the-field research.

The Australian Science Olympiad Summer School is held in January each year.

All students who attend the Australian Science Olympiad Summer School are deemed to have the potential to represent Australia at the International Science Olympiads.



Application is by invitation only and is based on their performance in the Australian Science Olympiad Exams.

To be eligible to accept the Australian Science Olympiad Summer School invitation, students must:

  • Have sat one of the discipline specific Australian Science Olympiad Exams.
  • Hold current Australian citizenship at the time a Summer School offer is made.
  • Reside in Australia.
  • Students must be 15 years old at the time Summer School commences.
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International Science Olympiads

Dates: July and August 2023.

The International Science Olympiads are the ultimate goal for many science-loving students. The national team is selected from the top performing students from the April Training Camp.

Students who form the official team can expect to travel to Canberra for an official announcement ceremony before travelling to the host country to compete on the international stage.

The process to select the national team takes twelve months; therefore, students who sit the exams in July 2023 will be considered for the 2024 International Science Olympiads.

The locations of the International Science Olympiads in 2023 are as follows:

Biology: 3 – 12 July, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Chemistry: 16 – 25 July, Zurich, Switzerland.
Earth and Environmental Science: Online.
Physics: 10 – 17 July, Tokyo, Japan.


For 2023, the cost is $3,000 per student to attend an international event. Financial assistance is available where students can show financial need.