Nathaniel’s story

My name is Nathaniel Henderson, I am 17 years old and I currently attend Glenwood High School.

I live in Sydney, New South Wales, somewhere near Blacktown. I have a great passion in physics and excel in Earth and environmental science at school.

I like to build things that I invent; like lasers and high-tech gadgets. I also like creating physics theories and test them with my inventions. I’m your typical “mad scientist” and the most optimistic person you’ll ever meet, I always carry a smile with me.

What was the best part about attending the Australian Science Olympiad summer school?

I want to say the food (because food is my favourite thing in the entire world and I love food) and I ate like a king at the summer school, “compliments to the chief, it was amazing”, but, to be honest I would have to say, just being with like-minded people. People that think like me and enjoy learning. Meeting all of these wonderful people was the highlight, being able to learn with them, work with them; it was just amazing.

I made many good friends that I still talk to and see (we all catch up every now and then). I also loved learning the course! Knowledge that I will carry with me throughout life. It has really opened my eyes to the Earth’s processes and I can correlate what I see in my environment to how the processes work. I learnt such valuable skills.

What impact has the Australian Science Olympiad scholarship had on you?

I would like to thank you. In all honesty, it changed my life. It changed the way I look at the world. I’m not blind to the world anymore, I appreciate every little detail of the Earth.

This scholarship allowed me to learn things that I may never have had the chance to learn. Knowledge is power, and I am going on to use this power to better the world. The most powerful and important thing, is education.

Thank you for giving me this power, this knowledge. I will carry these skills with me throughout life, seeing every rock as important, as I know the impressively long process it has been through.

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