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Executive Director:

Ruth Carr

Email: ruth.carr@asi.edu.au
Please contact Ruth regarding governance or management issues or if you are interested in becoming a sponsor or partner of Australian Science Innovations.

Program Management:

Tracey Byrne

Email: tracey.byrne@asi.edu.au
Please contact Tracey for information about the Big Science Competition or the Australian Science Olympiad Exams.

Accounts and Program Management:

Vanessa Kates

Email: vanessa.kates@asi.edu.au
Please contact Vanessa for issues concerning accounts payable and receivable, as well as information about Curious Minds and the Asian Science Camp.

Marketing and Communications:

Email: asi@asi.edu.au
Please contact our office for information, questions or issues concerning marketing, communications or public relations.

General enquiries:

Email: asi@asi.edu.au
Phone: (02) 6125 6228

Our postal address is:

Australian Science Innovations
Box 7251
Canberra Mail Centre ACT 2610

Our office is located at:

Oliphant Building #60
60 Mills Road
Australian National University
Canberra ACT 2601