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bsc_bigger-and-better-web-banner2The Big Science Competition is a 50 minute, 30 multiple choice competition testing critical thinking and problem solving skills, not just factual recall. Questions are set in real-life, contemporary contexts, making them relatable (and interesting). Learn more about the Big Science Competition.

  • Four paper levels, years 7, 8, 9 and 10. See how your students perform against others of the same year level.
  • Quick turnaround of results. Plus! Download your certificates at the same time.
  • Questions cover real-life, contemporary issues.
  • Choose the format that suits your school best. Either online or pen & paper.
  • You choose the day to do the competition. Any time between 17 & 24 May 2017.
  • No minimum registrations.
  • Students go in the draw to win cool prizes, just for taking part.
  • From $7.00 (plus GST) per student.

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