Dr Sham Nair

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Dr Sham Nair’s career spans academia, scientific research and school teaching.

Trained as a molecular biologist, Dr Nair’s research interests focused on the intersection between immunology and genomics in various organisms. After completing hisPhD at the University of Technology, Sydney, in Biomedical Sciences, Dr Nair held various research positions in the US and Australia.

As an academic , he taught several undergraduate courses (science and education) and supervised research students in postgraduate degree programs. After a research visit to the Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative in Canada, Dr Nair became involved in science education research and has been a science teacher in NSW schools. Dr Nair is currently the Science Advisor (7–12) at the NSW Department of Education.

My favourite science movie: The Fantastic Voyage. When I first saw this movie, it blew my mind that life (the human body) at the microscopic level is incredibly different to the way we experience it through our senses.