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Why partner with us?

A partnership with Australian Science Innovations is good news for talented science students everywhere.

It is also good news for your business, your brand and achieving your corporate social responsibility objectives.

You can develop relationships with hundreds of students across Australia and reach into thousands of schools that take part in our programs every year.

Align your business with a passionate and innovative organisation who helps shape the future of Australia’s youth.

“The programs I did really opened up a lot of fields in my head that I could be doing other than just the generic smart person jobs and careers.”
– Brittany Walker, Ulladulla High School, NSW.

Opportunities for partnership include:

  • Set up a scholarship for students to attend our Science Olympiad summer schools
  • Sponsor an Indigenous student to attend the Asian Science Camp
  • Sponsor our all-girls academic and mentoring program, Curious Minds
  • Be part of the first-ever Asian Physics Olympiad in Australia in 2019
  • Sponsor the Big Science Competition and reach 50,000 young Australians in 650 schools across Australia

View our Impact Snapshot 2018 and be part of our success story. For a tailor-made sponsorship opportunity, please contact Ruth Carr | 02 6125 6228 | ruth.carr@asi.edu.au