To help us celebrate 35 years of Olympiad excellence, we’re seeking donations of $35 to support future students. 

It is an incredible effort to get to the International Science Olympiad, and as we prepare to welcome the 2022 students, we acknowledge the difficult position families across the country are in. For many, the costs of their child participating in the International Science Olympiad are significant.

We’re thrilled to have more students than ever participating in the Australian Science Olympiad exams, including the new Junior Science Olympiad.

For our thirty-fifth anniversary, we’re seeking donations of $35 to help future students. We’ll use this money to fund participation in our Olympiad  summer school and training camps. This includes travel, accommodation, meals, and other incidentals.

We have four tiers available: 




Donor receives



Thank you for your donation. Every dollar helps!

Copy of the E-book of the 35th year anniversary



$35 covers the welcome pack for one student!

Copy of the E-book of the 35th year anniversary



$50 will cover a day’s meals for one student during Summer School!

Copy of the E-book of the 35th year anniversary



$100 is one night’s accommodation at Summer School!

Copy of the E-book of the 35th year anniversary

Your donation to the Australian Science Olympiad 35th anniversary fund will allow future students to experience the thrills of the International Science Olympiad, support their learning, growth their self-confidence, and help them make lifelong friends.

“The Australian Science Olympiads allowed me to learn things that I may never have had the chance to learn. Knowledge is power, and I am going on to use this power to better the world.”

– Nathaniel Henderson, Glenwood High School, NSW, 2019 Earth and Environmental Science Olympiad Summer School.

Read more about Nathaniel’s story.

If you would like to help support students like Nathaniel please donate to the Australian Science Olympiads.

Donations are tax deductible.

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